Saxophone Resources


Full-Range Major & Minor Scales

Scales for all saxophones in 12 major and harmonic minor keys. Includes options for instruments without the high-F# key.


Chromatic Scale Patterns

Includes full-range chromatic scales for all saxophones—both with and without the high-F# key—and the full-range chromatic major second interval pattern.


Sixty Exercises of Mechanism

Short technical exercises for all saxophones that warm up the fingers and develop excellent technical fundamentals by focusing on one or more fingers at a time. Excerpted from Paul Deville’s Universal Method for Saxophone.


Practice Tempo Charts

Charts for tracking progress in daily practice of scales, scale patterns, and arpeggios: major, harmonic minor, pentatonic, whole tone, diminished, and chromatic.


Classical Tenor Saxophone Resource Guide

Compiled and edited by saxophonist Lisa Keeney (M.M., University of Michigan), this concise guide contains quality information about playing the tenor saxophone. Includes fingering charts, suggested repertoire, educational resources, and more!