*Denotes works commissioned or co-commissioned by Sean Meyers


Wildflower Sunset on the Hill Beyond the Hill for solo alto saxophone
Tim Rogers

Sigil II: Amistad for alto saxophone and electronics
Monte Taylor

Tejas Means Friend for mixed ensemble and dancer
Nicholas Perry Clark

The Liberation of Pyotr for saxophone quartet
Hunter Prueger

Counterclockwise for saxophone ensemble
John Mills

London 2012, Hwang Kyung Seon Defeats Nur Tatar for 67k Gold for solo alto saxophone
Hunter Prueger

Earthrise for saxophone quartet
Thomas Yee


Red Leaf Collection for reed quintet*
Karalyn Schubring

red for reed quintet*
Nina Shekhar

be that empty for reed quintet*
Karl Ronneburg

Self-Talk for reed quintet*
Gala Flagello

Out of Bodies for reed quintet*
Daniel Zlatkin

Devastation Deconstruction for reed quintet*
Duncan Petersen-Jones


Sunburst for saxophone octet
Karalyn Schubring

From Lidless Eyes (Time Knows No Bounds) for reed quintet*
Douglas Hertz

We Lived in a Mystic Reality Once for saxophone quartet
Gray Grant

Saxophone Quartet No. 1: Angles and Intersections
Sean William Calhoun


Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Chamber Orchestra (piano reduction)*
Andrew Boss

The Wilderness for saxophone quartet
Matthew Sullivan


Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Chamber Orchestra*
Andrew Boss

Symphony No. 1*
Mark Fromm

Andrew Posner

Pillars for baritone saxophone and tuba
Sean William Calhoun


Watermill Portrait for soprano saxophone and electronics
Justin Porter

Heartrush for alto saxophone and electronics
Andrew Posner

Rainbow Shark for saxophone quartet*
James Young


Static Circuit Hazy Ray for string quartet and saxophone quartet
James Young

Blaze for saxophone quartet
Andrew Posner