*Denotes works commissioned or co-commissioned by Sean Meyers


London 2012, Hwang Kyung Seon Defeats Nur Tatar for 67k Gold for solo alto saxophone
Hunter Prueger

Earthrise for saxophone quartet
Thomas Yee


*Red Leaf Collection for reed quintet
Karalyn Schubring

*red for reed quintet
Nina Shekhar

*be that empty for reed quintet
Karl Ronneburg

*Self-Talk for reed quintet
Gala Flagello

*Out of Bodies for reed quintet
Daniel Zlatkin

Devastation Deconstruction for Reed Quintet
Duncan Petersen-Jones


Sunburst for saxophone octet
Karalyn Schubring

*From Lidless Eyes (Time Knows No Bounds) for reed quintet
Douglas Hertz

We Lived in a Mystic Reality Once for saxophone quartet
Gray Grant

Saxophone Quartet No. 1: Angles and Intersections
Sean William Calhoun


*Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Chamber Orchestra (piano reduction)
Andrew Boss

The Wilderness for saxophone quartet
Matthew Sullivan


*Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Chamber Orchestra
Andrew Boss

*Symphony No. 1
Mark Fromm

Andrew Posner

Pillars for baritone saxophone and tuba
Sean William Calhoun


Watermill Portrait for soprano saxophone and electronics
Justin Porter

Heartrush for alto saxophone and electronics
Andrew Posner

*Rainbow Shark for saxophone quartet
James Young


Static Circuit Hazy Ray for string quartet and saxophone quartet
James Young

Blaze for saxophone quartet
ndrew Posner